Journey to Financial Independence

Published on Nov 17, 2020

When I started my entrepreneurial journey two years ago, my idea of financial independence was modeled after Mr. Money Moustache's definition: if you have roughly 25 times your yearly expenses invested in index funds, you will earn enough passive income to live off indefinitely.

My conception of financial independence is more nuanced now. Financial independence is not so much about the amount of money I want to have, and more about the skills I develop that will allow me to live on my own terms. 

If we want to reach financial independence because we don't want to need a job to feed ourselves, we can also buy land for a few thousand bucks and live off it like Thoreau, squat in the woods, or live in a hammock bikepacking across the world. Those are all viable options if we don't mind the glance of others, while requiring much less capital. Humans have been living as nomads or peasants for thousands or hundreds of years, it's nothing new.

Financial independence has a large spectrum. It's not a rigid number or a far-fetched goal to attain. Financial independence is always an iterative process, we can either gain some or lose some depending on the daily choices we make. We don't just wake up one day and tell ourselves: "I'm financially independent!"