It Takes Time

Published on Aug 12, 2019

Yes, it has been a while since my last posting.   Life has many twists and turns.   First, there was one organization that appeared ready to make me a job offer, but after two months of emails, they decided to go with another candidate.  

The digital marketing practice has grown, but again, clients over-promise regarding billable hours and underdeliver.  The positive is that they leave great reviews of the work that was done from their businesses. 

Again going through some self-reflection, I did invest in myself and take a self-discipline course.  The return created a compound effect professionally.   Now I am Google Adwords Certified and completed another Python class.   When you try to multitask, you set yourself for failure.  Taking one course at a time by creating a time block before I started my client work for the day was a win.  Now I am working with clients who want Adwords Analysis and campaign setup.  

Lastly,  I interviewed for a Digital Marketing Analyst position at a local company two weeks ago.  All three conversations I had with leadership were fantastic.  Over a week ago, I was contacted by human resources to have another phone interview with the Director of Finance.   I told the person I am available.   Right now, I have not had a reply.   I was told in the initial interviews I would be notified either way.  

I even followed up today because I need to plan out my week. Yes, it takes time.