Ideas Gen

Published on Jul 14, 2019

@brianball and I were talking about generating 10 ideas a day.
I kinda find that cool. If you intend to start a million dollar business like @jasonleow or even aiming at some '000 as MRR like myself, you've got to train yourself to generate ideas. You gotta develop that muscle and flex it often.
1) Forceful Expense Tracker - This mobile app locks your screen at predetermined times. Only unlocks to the press of a button that leads to the app's spreadsheet for the input of your daily expense. The unlock button could be a prompt that asks how many transactions you've made that day and your phone would be unusable till you fill in that number of transactions on the spreadsheet.
Platforms: Andriod, iOS, Chrome Extension
Monetisation: Freemium - Free Basics and some paid features
2) Uber for Ushers - In my country demand for Ushers and Usherettes is big business. Conferences and parties need them. This idea requires some already established in the industry to execute.
3) OLX for X - There are lots of buyers and sellers whose marketplace are WhatsApp Groups, Telegram Groups, or Facebook Groups. Whoever builds a platform for such niche has a good side hustle which has limitless possibilities.
Thank you.