I Share; Therefore I Am

Published on Aug 31, 2019

Last night, I was reflecting on the past weeks and what (from the habits that I've formed) has been working in terms of moving me forward through the path of my journey.  

Through my reflection, I noticed that the practice of being sharing kept coming up as a byproduct of other habits I have created.  And that, through this practice or way of being I experienced a state of grace. A state in which my energy level is elevated to a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

By applying this way of being in every opportunity I found this week, I was able to achieve the following outcomes:

I received authentic and real feedback about some of the most pressing problems currently impacting my life.  It came from someone I truly admire, respect and has recently achieved the very outcome I'm pursuing at this moment.

I got to confront my fear of exposing my ideas openly.  This was liberating and has lead me to feel a greater sense of commitment towards the business I'm creating.

Being in a state of authentically sharing also allowed me to take ownership of my failures and obstacles so that I can then be open to receive feedback and help from others in order to breakthrough my limitations.

When I share what I create, it gives me the opportunity to expose my gifts to the world and gives me a greater sense of purpose in life.

Being in a constant state of sharing is something I had not anticipated from the onset. But it is something I have learned to appreciate and look forward to continue doing and get better at.