I sell hair tonic for Wordpress site owners

Published on Aug 28, 2020

Hi I’m Jason, from Singapore. I recently started Sweet Jam Sites to help Wordpress site owners from going bald. 

Yeah, Wordpress-induced baldness is a thing. A real thing. But I'm not really selling hair tonic here. 

Known diagnosis of Wordpress baldness: Losing count of sleepless nights after being hacked. A never-ending Sisyphean cycle of security updates required to keep their websites functioning, only to see that their web page is loading in dog's years. Something somewhere in the website stops working because of a breaking update. Or paying a king's ransom to hosting companies and development agencies annually to ensure everything works. Many business owners of Wordpress sites will know the pain I’m talking about. Here's the remedy to Wordpress baldness: Switch out of Wordpress to a static JAMstack site, and no more tearing hair out in frustration. 

Ultimately, being a recovering Wordpress site owner, I really made this service for myself. I’d been slowly migrating my own sites out, and the pleasure is real. I sleep well at night, knowing that no SQL injection attack can bring down my site. Every time I make a new JAMstack site to replace my old Wordpress one, a kitten returns from the dead.

And now even my hair’s growing back lol.