I, Robot

Published on Oct 30, 2020

I think I have written here that I have been reading some of Isaac Asimov's books on my kindle. Interestingly the movie "I, Robot" introduced me to the whole universe of Asimov.

Although the movie is only based on a short story of Asimov it is still a great SciFi movie.

Somehow the title just flew by my mind today and I thought it might be time to watch it again. Luckily it is currently on Netflix, which makes it easy to watch. :)

I can only highly recommend it.

But as I've written earlier, it is just a short story of a large universe. Although the short story isn't related to the two "detective & robot detective books" (The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun), I really enjoy the sci-fi whodunit stuff.

I really hope Apple does something good with the rights to create a series of the Foundation Trilogy they bought. Time will tell.