I might get the hang of this

Published on Oct 5, 2020

Getting up early is my go to productivity hack. In the morning I can have a few hours to myself. Where I'm not interrupted by emails, calls and other work related problems.
It's easy to concentrate. My focus is sharp. Just as I've said, but problem isn't with my will. It is the lack of inspiration for now. I have to find my muse. Or better: MUSES.
Like in Greek mythology, I have to find my nine muses.
That's my plan. I will start my quest of searching for my nine muses.
As I've read yesterday in the book "Atomic habit" (whose author I forgot.. something Bryan I think) the important part in anything is not to have an end goal. If you phrase your problems like that it's like conditioning yourself & your happiness and when you reach your goal you might feel that it's not what you wanted or what you were looking for.
So instead of goals to reach to get better at something, think of a system that you have to implement. Systems of small changes.
This is what I'm trying to do.
And find my nine muses.