I'm on Product Hunt

Published on Jan 9, 2019

Well, I am super happy I launched my app on January 4th and it has some downloads which I was so happy. I also submitted my app to Product Hunt which is awesome and it already has 12 votes which really is not a lot but it is more than I thought I would get. ? 

This is the first project that I have done that has made it this far. I typically get ideas (lots of them) and get them started but usually get discouraged towards the end and never finish. So getting to this point where the app is actually available to download is so awesome and a personal accomplishment. ? 

I have a roadmap of new features I want to add at some point in the future but I want to focus on getting more downloads before I invest funds into the app. Either I  way I am pumped for keeping this project going for a while. 

Like I said in my 2019 post, this project will be my main focus this year which is my goal. I am looking forward to sticking to it all year long. 

Damn 6 words short of 200. Oh well.