I feel most in my power when ___

Published on Nov 17, 2020

Complete the following sentence:

"I feel most in my power when ___."

I feel most in my power when I get to chart my own course in everything – life, work, relationships. Especially work. 

I feel most in my power when I get to call the shots on who I want to work with. Of course, in work, even if you run a solo business, you need customers, whom you can't call the shots over everything. There will be clients from hell. What I'd done is to set up a filtering process so that the clients whom I work are those I chose, whom I want to work with. That's also why I decided to run a solo business, so that I don't have co-founders whose feelings and working styles I need to worry about. As the boss of my business, I get to decide which freelancers I hire, and that I make the final decisions. It's not about being dominating or authoritative; it's about minimizing drama to do my best work.

I feel most in my power when I get to decide what I work on. I like to have a deep sense of meaning and purpose in my work, so I won't just do anything that will make a quick buck. Yeah it pays the bills, but it gets boring real fast, and it kills my soul. Trust me, I tried. So I work on social impact projects because working for altruistic reasons give me meaning, and also greater good to society. But I'm also someone who loves working on new stuff, never sitting still on one thing. Specialization is not my forte, and in fact, it can feel like a cage. So being about to decide on the variety of projects I want to work on, follow my curiosity and energy is when I feel most in my power.

I feel most in my power when I get to decide how much I work everyday. Invariably, I always end up working more than I should, at the expense of my health and family time. But at least that's my choice, and it's up to me to change it. There are days when my energy is low, so I get to not work and move around and do other non-work stuff instead. A 9-to-5 job won't allow me to do that.

I feel most in my power when I pursue ways of working and living that makes me feel in my power. If anything, that's the over-arching goal. 

To always dwell in my power.