I don't like it

Published on Oct 7, 2020

I keep writing and writing. The names of this site are changing regularly but I am still here. I guess the best times were in the beginning. There were many active members. We were commenting on each other's posts, support, and encourage each other. It was just the golden era of writing. 200 words a day and the community was super vibrant. I guess it changed since the Cowriters rebrand, people were falling off and it wasn't enough active members here. If there is no community it just not suitable. I guess this last rebrand to Writelier is the beginning of the end. I just cannot get used to it. I have no desire to dive into other people's posts and I focus selfishly on my daily dosage of writing. 

It's interesting cuz in the case of branding the 200 words a day name was the worst but I feel that everyone just could easily identify with the purpose of the site. Write 200 words - keep your streak - improve. 

Right now it just a complete mess and I don't like it.

I will probably keep writing my private posts here but if I leave it doesn't hurt that much anymore ... 


Stay with me. Efran