How to write better

Published on Jun 5, 2019

Read this great piece on Medium the other day titled "How to Be a Better Writer", and it got me thinking about my own writing habits. 

I noticed that I already do a couple of things mentioned in the article. 

So, here are my tips for better writing: 

1. Write like you talk 

I've written about this separately already.

2. Get your first shitty draft out as quickly as possible 

Nothing is worse than staring at a blank page. Sometimes I'm already formulating the sentences in my head, but I'm still not putting them onto the page. Bad habit! Write it down straight away. Force it out if you must! Don't judge. You can always edit later. 

3. Separate writing from editing 

I never do the final editing on the same day as the writing. It really helps to let the piece marinate overnight. Looking at it the next day, with fresh eyes, I often notice things I was blind to the day before and now seem super obvious. 

4. Read out loud 

Seems silly, but you'll notice much more easily if there's a weird sentence that just doesn't go well with the rest. It helps to get the flow right. 

5. Cut, cut, cut 

I try not to get too attached to anything I've written. Even if I think a particular sentence is really clever ... if I stumble over it again and again while editing, it has to go. Be ruthless in cutting out any cliches, BS, and unnecessary words.