How I write, and the magic of ?‍♂️

Published on Jul 16, 2020

I write on my Moleskine with my blue Pilot G-Tech C4 pen. This pen is magic, I wouldn't have any other. It has an extra fine nib that smoothly glides on, and it is so comfortable to use for hours on end. It also makes my handwriting super neat and awesome.

I write on my Apple notes app. It does everything I need, nothing more or less. Except formatting text is clunky and could really use some dev love. Other than that, it serves the purpose of writing down ideas, housing interesting things I find on the web, research and even organising marketing experiments.

I write on my Microsoft Todo app as well. Before re-organizing my Apple notes, I actually used this task organizer for research notes and short-form thoughts. That is all unnecessary now. The primary way I use it now is to write down habits I want to form in 30-minute chunks. I'll write about this in a separate post because its something I recently discovered that worked wonders for my productivity.

I write using the! What do you mean, you might ask? Well, funnily enough, there is a certain magic when I log in and click on "write". This interface makes me want to just get on with writing and stop ruminating about every single aspect of what I'm trying to get across. I discovered this when I decided one day to write in Notion. I liked its clean fonts and desktop app, so I used it for a few weeks. However, I find myself just uninspired and unable to finish whatever I'm writing. This is evidenced by me starting a new page several times to write the same article and causing me immense frustration when I have nothing to show for the day. When it came to my time to post on Cowriters (nicely reminded by the Todo app), I decided to copy and paste what I've written in Notion and voila! I suddenly have newfound inspiration and my brain cleared up all the roadblocks in my head, so I could finally post. It's weird, but it works. This didn't just happen once, but quite a few times so I'm pretty sure some wizardry ?‍♂️ has taken place.