How I make LinkedIn work for me

Published on Oct 30, 2020

There are many ways you can use LinkedIn. Here's how I've been using it over the last 6 years and the results I've seen. I've started posting regularly on Linkedin when I've started my company about 4 years ago. I've never aimed at using it for personal branding. My intention was to share what I'm doing. However many have told me they are impressed with my profile and my 2400+ followers. 

I like Linkedin because I like the people who are in my network. I like what they share, that they give me inputs, comment, feedback and ask questions. It helps me to learn, see what's going on in people's work lives and stay connected with a broad network. 

I use LinkedIn:

  • Not as a job platform because as an entrepreneur I'm not looking for a job ;)
  • As a database to look up information about people that I'm about to meet
  • As a phone book where I add new contacts once I've met them at an event or workshop
  • As a chat to connect with people that I'm curious about
  • As a publishing platform where I share what I've learnt, update on upcoming events and give a shoutout to people 
  • As a landing page to share my message, story and what I can offer

It's hard to directly correlate cause and effect and measure ROI, eg I got X amount of new clients due to Linkedin. Here's how I believe it helped me:


  • I've posted about 48 times so far this year and my five most viewed posts in 2020 have been seen by 4400 - 12'300+ people
  • The best read newsletter. Often people asked me: "What's up?" in person and I said "XYZ", then they said: "Oh yes, I've seen that on LinkedIn." 
  • Got approached to hold paid keynote speeches (Maybe LinkedIn also played a role that I got asked to hold a TEDxtalk?)
  • Got asked to be a judge for the Swiss Economic Award and Digital Shapers by DigitalSwitzerland and Bilanz
  • Sold out my Mastermind Group offer after posting once on Linkedin

Why and how are you using Linkedin? What results do you see?