Hoarding online courses

Published on Jul 12, 2019

So i think i have this issue of hoarding many online courses for nothing.

I can see that i'm doing this for many stuff not just online courses, but something that came up to my mind was online courses at this moment.
I have many Udemy programming courses that i've never taken, i have one digital marketing course that i'm taking now (i don't know when i will finish it), and the worst thing is i'm planning on buying some more even though i haven't finished my last courses.
So i have this issue with shirts and shopping clothes for instance. I'm not like those girls where they buy shit and only wear them once, i'm worse, because i'm buying it and never wear those shitty clothes.
And what's the worst of this is that i don't feel bad for hoarding many stuff.
Ooo i forgot to mention that i have around 20-30 books that i still haven't read and i'm buying some new -.- for fuck sake.
So in order for this madness to stop i started NOT buying shit that i don't need and i kind of feel like i'm possesed to buy shit.
I don't know what to do with the little money i'm king but maybe i will buy a new phone since i'm in need of a new phone (for real now :D )