Help Me Fix This Online Business

Published on Apr 27, 2020

In the online space, businesses lack internal knowledge when it comes to their websites.  The problems are stakeholders do not ask,  what do we want to measure?  What metrics define our success? We have this tool, so what are we solving for?  

An interesting business case starts with we had someone external set up the Google Analytics account.  The responsibility is the person who is the owner must have full permissions for the account.  

The next part is the client says we are using Google Tag Manager, and need to know if it is capturing all the e-commerce data. The question posed is the person who implemented Google Tag Manager test all the tags before going live?  The best practice is to test all the tags before going live. 

The client proceeds to show the Google Analytics, Audience Overview Page.  For an eCommerce site, that report does not show any data.  The response is to go the Conversions, eCommerce, Overview report.  The report did not have any data.  The eCommerce implementation was never done.  

The outcome of the conversation is the client is hiring a GTM implementation specialist to fix, update, and test.  Once that is done, the client will be working with me on the analysis, reporting, and education of staff.