Having Time

Published on Apr 19, 2020

We all complain that there is not enough time to accomplish intentions that can create a compound effect on our careers and businesses.  It is hard coming home after working a full day and shifting your mindset to invest in yourself. Professionally this time is a paradigm shift.  

Now, all we have is time.  February 13, my world shifted.  Working a contract role with a medical organization came to an end.  It was an enjoyable experience.  Working out my comfort zone proved I can learn just about anything. 

Life is not perfect, and moments will shift your perspective. Last Thursday, I spoke to my cousin for the first time in months. He has significant mental health issues, and his wife messaged me, saying it is ok to call.  (He is the big brother I never had. His wisdom and advice are priceless.) The intention was to have an open mind and be optimistic.  To find out, his illness was misdiagnosed and has Lewy Body Dementia. 

It was an emotionally difficult conversation. It might be the last conversation we ever have.  He kept saying to me I lost so much time, and I said all we have is time, and he needs to keep pushing. His last piece of advice to me is to go build my dream. It is where I am investing my time now.  Life events can shift your mindset.