Published on Aug 30, 2020

I'm leaving my current living situation tomorrow. But goodbyes feel less like goodbyes these days. I spend so much time on the internet talking to people and staying in touch with friends that it doesn't feel that strange to physically leave people behind now.

A lot of people say they are bad about staying in touch with people, but I've never had that problem. Whenever I feel like talking to a friend, I call them literally as soon as I have the thought. If they aren't free to talk (increasingly less common in the age of COVID), they just reach out to me when they are or I try again later. No biggie. By just calling people when I feel like it, I never end up in a situation where I feel like I don't talk to someone as much as I should.

But maybe I'm also weird in a way, as I can go a long time getting 100% of my socialization on Zoom. And when I'm living with friends like I am right now, it makes Zooming with other friends even more enjoyable because I don't have to get all of my socialization through that medium.