Getting started... again

Published on Oct 2, 2020

As I've said in my first draft: I want to start writing but I can't hold myself accountable to keep going. I always procrastinate or come up with a great excuse that if my schedule is not the way I want it then all my day is going to shit. This is not true. I have to become much more flexible in consistency.
In order to achieve flexibility & consistency in the meantime I have a jotted down 3 points that I will try to respect:
1. Plan for disruption. I can't expect to predict all events but I can always have a contingency plan. I can say: "Even if I miss my writing session tomorrow morning, I will do it before dinner".
Always plan with a backup. This rule I will name the IF rule.

2. Fail like a scientist. Learning is a perpetual experiment. Whenever things don't go as planned see it as a personal growth opportunity. I have to overcome my fixed mindset and learn that every result is a new data point - even if the result was what I planned for or not.
I will call this rule the DATA rule.
3. Schedule over scope. In the long run, it's more important to stick to a schedule than to be absolutely perfect. I too often focus on a clear goal, like running 4 times a week 10K/run, The problem is that I tend to skip a session if there's not enought time to complete it. Instead of skipping completely it's better to "reduce the scope, but stick to the schedule".
So don't skip, just reduce to 5K. Be flexible.
I will call this rule the SCHEDULE rule.

So don't forget: Always plan with IF in mind, Even if you fail to complete it it's still a DATA point and it's better NOT to miss a SCHEDULE even if it's a shorter one than skipping.