Gardening as a Workout

Published on Oct 10, 2020

If you're not familiar with gardening, you might think it's only about watching plants grow, but the reality is elsewhere: it can become a full-body workout! 

You have to prune trees, mow the grass, crush fallen leaves and branches, chop wood, carry water, dig, carry stuff, and climb things, among other physical activities.

It got me thinking if I could replace some of my workouts with gardening, and so far, the answer is yes: you just have to use manual tools instead of motorized ones, and always be very attentive about your posture.

The first point implies everything will take more time, so you'll be able to have several workout sessions per week. The more land you have, the longer it will take, so it's a trade-off to make.

The second isn't as straightforward. If you have weightlifting experience, you know what good posture looks like and your job will be to apply the same principles when you handle your tools. For example, carrying water is the same as dead-lifting, crouching to plant seeds should be done like you perform ass-to-grass squats, or digging stuff with a shovel requires you to squeeze your back muscles and your abs to keep your spine straight.

There is more or less work depending on the season or climate you're in, but there is always a way to see things as a potential physical training regimen: you just have to be creative and willing to put in the work.