Published on Aug 15, 2020

Not sure where I got this sudden thrive for design but it is what it is. Today I didn't have a super idea but somehow I managed to make something. I also redid the old habits designs.  Always better if I find some concept in advance and then create the design. Random creating doesn't lead to anything good, usually. 

So far so good. The main goal is to improve on the way and create some interesting designs. As I mention sometimes is gonna be completely random "art" and sometimes I am gonna look for some trends and copy and improve other designs. Just normal hustle. In this challenge, I am gonna upload just on Redbubble. Sure it would be better to spread the design across all the POD websites but I am too lazy to do it and first I wanna get familiar with one website and then another...

It is heavy raining and I should go boxing in 30 minutes. Maybe I am gonna skip it for today (yeah it's a lame excuse but its very heavy :D). Let's see, still have some time.

Tomorrow I am going to some sporting event so I am gonna be all day out of the office, finally. :). 


Stay with me. Efran.