Friday Thoughts

Published on Mar 23, 2019

Waking up hearing the rain and the wind and throbbing sinuses the question became what to do today. It is hard to focus in front of a laptop when your head is pounding. Thankfully, the aspirin and decongestants took effect, and the pain and pressure are gone.

The decision was to take care of a few errands and start the client work after lunch. The mindset is to push through to get the project moving forward. Granted this week client communication is at a minimum. Taking a step back and deploying some patience getting through his requirements has created some clarity. The issue right now is not having real data to test and validate the formulas. Additionally creating the graphs right now is just about impossible.

Right now working for myself has advantages but I am optimistic that a job offer is coming soon. After a fantastic interview with a local global company, I know I can be happy there. It all aligns with what have done professionally in the Digital Marketing space and the people I met with I know I can work with.

Living the freelance life is nice because a key to happiness is living life on your terms. Right now for myself, it is a bridge to the next full-time position. Client work is great when it is busy because the bills are paid. When it is slow, it is all about the hustle for new clients and the goal of taking more online classes to learn new skills and stay relevant.