Published on Jun 8, 2019

Today was a strange day.

With it being a Friday, work was rather loud and hectic.

Three of my usual rag tag bunch of friendly faced colleagues are now, separately, away until Wednesday. I'll be all alone, except for a couple of others from the rag tag bunch. I guess by the previous statement, they are the less friendly faced ones.

I tried a small, local Korean takeaway called Chop Chop today. It was an extremely small restaurant, barely big enough for 2 staff - although they managed to squeeze 5 in there. I ate the 'Mega' Chicken Katsu Curry. It was absolutely delicious.

After work, I met up with a good friend of mine to have tea and see Aladdin (first time for him, but again for me!). We ended up bumping into some old - let's say - friends at the cinema before we went in. Effectively, this was the friend that connected and introduced us and we all kind of stop talking. As far as I was concerned, nothing malicious, we just grew apart. It had been several years, probably over 10 for them. It seemed like they buried the hacket and exchanged numbers.

We watched the film and my friend hated it. Devastated. I really liked it. Of course, no scratch on the original, but it was great.

I arrived home rather late, spilling out my 200 words, before winding down with the missus… Let's see if this saves with that large error looming over my text…