Freelance work

Published on Sep 6, 2020

It is Sunday again, and I am sitting in the office of a customer again. I set up a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator and hope I will be able to get home in time, so I can land it.

I am sitting in my customer's office because the Windows updates are due again. Normally I'm here once a month to do it.

Although there are only four computers which need the update treatment, it takes quite some time as there isn't an Active Directory to manage all computers at once. So I have to go to each computer separately, create a recovery point, download the updates, reboot them and check if everything is working. The fact that none of the computers has an SSD makes it even worse.

The large downside today is, I won't be publishing a podcast today. I didn't keep up with the news this week, as it was really busy. So I think I will change it to a monthly format. Or ditch it as a whole and start writing articles to publish on Medium. We'll see.

I really think of ditching my freelance business but on the other side, it pays part of my server and I can also easily write an Invoice for somebody.

I also got a product idea in my head, which I might write down soon. As a hint, it has something to do with MS Flight Simulator and FS Economy.