FOMO & habits

Published on Oct 7, 2020

Today we live in a word that is built on attention. Everybody wants your attention. And we as humans got so good at commanding attention that it's hard to not feel a fear of missing out: FOMO. We tend to believe that heaven is wherever we're not. That is completely false. But it's what we're made to believe so that we buy stuff or hang out on sites that just get us down.
To stop doing that I want to build new habits instead of the old ones and stack them on each-other. The first will be that after every day when I finish my writing I will practice a few lesson with to learn new words and how to use them.

On the other hand Cristina is starting to get nervous about Erik. She unfortunately can't sleep well and is exhausted. I have to help her more. Be there for her.

Another important habit I have to build is to live in the moment and enjoy and contemplate.
This way I will be thankful for what I have and mindful of what may come.