First day

Published on Sep 22, 2020

Wow today flew by. Part of it is probably because I'm working in a room with no natural lighting, but that's besides the point.

Today was my first real intro into sales. How to qualify a lead. How to talk to and interact with customers. How to talk about pricing (don't talk about it until you have to).

One interesting thing I've learned is how pricing is more of an art than a science. Given two equal companies except that one just raised a $500M round—you bet we are going to charge that company more money than the other.

Other things I've learned: sales methodology/stages.

  1. Qualification
  2. Discovery
  3. Demo
  4. POC
  5. Negotiation

Knowing nothing about sales beforehand, this is a super helpful mental model. How often is it that each of these stages take one call (other than qualification/discovery which are mostly the same thing)?

I love the feeling of having so much to learn. I've never been so excited for a job and I've also never spent so many hours on one in the first day. But there's just so much I want to learn! Darn. But the best part of this is that it's going to force me to focus more and spend my time more wisely.