Published on Sep 30, 2020

My mom always says: "It's not home without a fireplace!"

And I agree, because I grew up hearing the crackling of the wood and feeling its warmth. Even now, I'm writing by the hearth, with a hot cocoa and the television running in the background. 

There is no other place like it. For thousands of years, families and friends have been gathering around fireplaces—to discuss, share, cook, warm themselves up, or simply enjoy the mellow glitter of the flames. It's where stories, tales, and legends are born and told.

Fireplaces are the reason I love cold seasons so much. They make you feel safe, protected, and have a calming effect. They bring people together and spark new thoughts and ideas. When the days become dark, there is always a fire to light up your mood.

It might appear paradoxical, but wood burning is also considered to be a carbon-neutral way to heat your house. Wood pellet and burning stoves are very efficient and economic if you don't have room for a big fireplace, for example. Ashes can be used as a fertilizer or a sterilizer, depending on the quantity you use. Wood is life, the destiny of trees and men is intertwined.