Published on Aug 22, 2020

Hot day in Prague. Most of the day I stayed just at home and make designs. I tried to remake some of the designs from my favorite t-shirts. One of the designs I made as merchandise for my friend's burger restaurant and he likes it. It would be great if he could use it and sell it at his restaurant. It would be a good push for my motivation. 

Just it really takes a lot of time. I spend almost the whole day tweaking things back and forth and it could still be better. I really need to limit myself otherwise I get stuck with one design. I have 9 designs for my challenge so far, 21 still left to make. Right now my confidence is high so I am gonna get there. As I get more information about Redbubble I feel it's gonna be very hard to make even one sale but that's not the point even though it would be sweet, for sure, haha. 


I almost forgot about the boxing lesson but I will go anyway. I missed it on Wednesday so I simply have to go. It will be sauna lesson at least I am gonna lose some weight, haha. 


Stay with me. Efran