Feed your mind - easing into the weekend

Published on Nov 14, 2020

We feed our bodies. Some of us take a lot of care what food they put into their bellies. But who takes care of what thoughts they consume? 

We feed our mind thoughts by watching a youtube video, a netflix series, reading the newspaper or a book, by listening to a podcast or song, and by being with people. Most of our waking time we're consuming thoughts. 

Have you ever noticed your mind being calmer or more restless after consuming news, entertainment or a story? 

Lately, I have a hard time to relax. During the week I'm busy doing what I enjoy (mostly). And then comes the weekend. Whenever I don't have a plan, or one got cancelled (thanks COVID) my monkey mind starts going crazy. It analyses, overthinks, obsesses, worries. It focuses on what's not good, what could be improved, what if...? questions etc. Basically, the mind just doing what it's good at: thinking = its job. 

Today, I started into the weekend by watching a webinar about giving and happiness in bed. This helped to ease the transition from doing into being. Of course, the mind is still thinking (remember it's his job) but it's rather positive, encouraging and kind thoughts. It's slowed down. It's like it got a good nourishing meal and doesn't need to complain for a while.

When have you last fed your mind with positive thoughts? 


I first picked up the concept of "feeding one's mind" from Tony Robbins. Thanks Tony!