Fall season

Published on Oct 11, 2020

The fall season is upon us, and if you aren't convinced, go to the grocery store. I was at Walmart today, and it's clear to see that the season with the best (worst) food is here. October is mainly about candy until after Halloween, and then you've got all the fall and Christmas cookies and pies and all manner of baked treats.

I can look at Halloween cupcakes or rice crispy treats or cookies and resist. One part of my brain computes those items as pure sugar and carbs and devoid of any nutrition. In terms of fuel for the body, these items are terrible. But then another part of my brain says wouldn't it be great to choke down a nice cupcake or some cookies with an ice cold glass of milk. The pleasure is in the moment and deal with the consequences later. I don't know if I'll ever be able to switch that part of my brain around.

Maybe there is hypnosis or some other way of reprogramming myself so that cookies and ice cream repulse me and I light up for broccoli or cauliflower instead. I did transform from not being a veggie person to eating more veggies, so there's always hope.