Facebook memories

Published on Sep 26, 2020

One enjoyable aspect of Facebook is the way it presents your memories from years gone past, a little trip down memory lane of holidays and events that have been important in your life.

Sure, I was getting a little frustrated during August, when Facebook was peppering me with holiday snaps from our annual pilgrimage to Far North Queensland from the last five years. With restrictions and border closures in place, there was going to be no holiday this year, and Facebook was not going to let me forget. It was hard not to be disheartened by those memories.

In this week's Facebook memories, I am being reminded of the time, ten years ago, when we uprooted the family to live in London. There was no reason for making the trip; it was just something my wife and I wanted to do. Though it was only for six months, it was our first white Christmas, ever. From our base in London, we were about to travel extensively through the United Kingdom and Europe. It was the best of times, and great memories.

With no memories of note to post on Facebook this year, I will have to reminisce about the past.