Published on Nov 13, 2020

On the whole, would you say Facebook provides more good or more harm in the world? I think I would be perfectly happy if Facebook were out of my life. The sad thing is most of the traffic and eyeballs I've gotten on any of my content has come primarily from Facebook.

The latest stunt Facebook pulled is to change Trump's profile to be "Political Candidate." Last I knew, Trump is still the President until January 20th next year. 

I tried starting a Facebook page on sleep. I did ads and followed the steps to create an audience. It pretty much fell flat. Based on that experience and other content about sleep, I decided that the interest in sleep just isn't there, so even though it's a big topic for me I decided not to write a book or spend any more time on it.

I deleted Instagram many months ago and have not felt any loss. My medium is text and not a visual one anyway. I don't use WhatsApp. Anyone who is messaging on Facebook or an app owned by Facebook should be very concerned about privacy. So, I guess until I get my own thing going I will have to begrudgingly use Facebook.