Experimenting with Oil Painting Mediums

Published on Jan 28, 2019

I am trying to learn and experiment with oil paints to paint some of my imaginations. 

I have only painted with oils twice before and don't really know much about them. This goal for the next painting is two layers. One thin paint coat and one thick paint coat to put emphasis on texture in addition to the overall image. 

I also want to make sure the painting doesn't have any cracks because of various drying times that the paints have. 

Here is what I am going to experiment with:

  • Less Drying Time
    • Last time I did thick oil paint style painting, it took about a month to dry and that was in summer. Since it's winter now, it will take even longer. So to have the painting dry a bit faster, I am going to use Liquid Impasto Medium for the second layer.
  • Fat Over Lean & Thick Over Thin
    • Lower layers of paint need to dry before upper layers dry. Since I will be using two layers, the first layer of paint needs to have same or faster drying than the second layer. I am going to experiment with using Mineral Spirits as a medium to get a very thin first layer.
  • Cleaning Brushes
    • I don't want to use any mediums or liquids that I can't flush it down the sink to clean brushes. Trying this Brush Cleaner & Preserver to clean the brushes for now.