End of the week

Published on Oct 10, 2020

There is no better feeling than the end of the week. Time to log off the work computer, leave the study and to settle in for a relaxing two days of doing very little. As my home has become my workplace for the last six months, it is not always that easy to disconnect work from home.

Tonight is footy finals night. My team, the Richmond Tigers, are playing the St Kilda Saints in a sudden-death semi-final. The loser is out of the finals and the season is over. So I have a bit invested in a Tigers win, to keep the mood chipper for the whole weekend.

Saturday will be chores day. Clean the house, do some gardening, clean out the shed. My efforts may be thwarted by a bit of rain this weekend, with no shortage of indoor chores that could be done.

And that leaves Sunday, the day to kick back and do nothing. Though my membership of the Catholic church has elapsed, and there may be a little less worship on a Sunday, it is still my preferred day of rest.

My least favourite part of the weekend is waking up Monday to start the workweek. It has to be the hardest day to get out of bed, knowing that I am at the furthest point form the end of the week.

Have a good weekend!