Published on Oct 18, 2020

Today I did a presentation for the largest group of people I ever have.
I was worried about it yesterday when I realized the number and type of people that will be there at the event today.

For some reason, I felt the need to have good visuals. I knew that the topic was my passion so content wouldn't be an issue. But the visuals needed to be good.

Ever since my failed businesses, the one take away has been a focus on marketing and the visuals. So I spent time working on the visual appeal. Towards the end of the day yesterday, I got tired. I was ready for it to be over already. I often get to that point when I have given a project all I have to give...and it is still not complete. It's like every bone in me is exhausted and ready to move on.

After waking up this morning, I felt ok. I said -'SHOWTIME" out loud... and then did it. It went well - I said the things I wanted to say but I may have gone over time. Fortunately, I wasn't interrupted.

Takeaway - Visuals matter. Especially in zoom meetings where people are struggling to care about a long meeting.

Another takeaway - I love this line of work. And I am realizing the potential to do more work.

Another takeaway - I am getting comfortable with presentations. It remains an important skill and I will not shy away from an opportunity to have a clear presentation.