Don't reject please

Published on Jul 30, 2019

I talked about my friend's dad passed away recently. Precisely to say it my wife's friend, I knew her through my wife. So my wife & I went to pay the last respect to the friend' dad at his funeral.

It's kind of sad to find out that her dad passes away at the age of 61, it's still young, and it's wake up call to me. I should spend more time with my parents when I can.

After coming back from the funeral, I found a newsletter from the airline is having a discount again, it happens to have a discount for Taipei. One of my little wishes is to bring my parent to go travels; I thought this might be an excellent chance to bring them to Taipei.

The last time we travel is before the little kid born, it's been two-plus years. Although we did went to club med the previous year, but that's more like going to enjoy the resort lifestyle then travel.

So I suggest to my parents for the trips, but they rejected immediately with an excuse like scare of the health issues, feels tired quickly now day etc. They are only 6x plus which is why I hope to bring them around when they still can walk around. They reject my suggestion to travel together.

It's kind of sad that they don't want to follow, maybe they don't know my little wish that bring them to travel, perhaps concern about money, but frankly speaking, it is upset for getting a reject from them.