Don't fix what's not broken

Published on Jul 26, 2020

I have a tendency to want to improve things, especially myself, my eating habits, my body, my writing, my mindset etc. This by itself is great. However, it can rapidly lead to me finding fault in everything. I've learnt to give myself breaks and carefully consume self-help books. 

I tend to get obsessed with self-help books and want to implement everything exactly as written right away. In the past, the books made me see what I've not yet implemented or achieved. In the meantime, I've learnt to pay attention to what I've already implemented.

Today, before I started reading a book about intuitive and emotional eating, I asked myself: Why do I want to read it? Am I genuinely interested in it? Or do I just want the result? Am I coming from a place of self-love, being enough or from a place of being hard on myself? 

I believe by being clear about my intention and focusing on what I'm already doing, I've found a good way to mindfully consume self-help books.

In the end, I always get reminded of the Bruce Lee's quote:

"Absorb what's useful. Discard what's not. And add what's uniquely yours."