Doing more with money

Published on Jul 29, 2020

I think like most people - I've had a funny relationship with money.

I essentially grew up poor, but with a safety net. I lived at my Mother's Monday to Friday, struggling to get by, but always had my well-off Dad around to help out and live a life of luxury at the weekend.

I count myself lucky.

This lifestyle has got me in a weird mindset though. I struggle to spend money myself, but I happily give it away to my friend and family when they need it. I'm doing okay financially, but I'm not safe and I don't have my own safety net - a source of many arguments with my partner.

We've started a little experiment. Each month, we put £75 into our own accounts and £75 into the household account to spend on whatever we want.

I've bought the odd thing here and there. A game, a coffee, a watch, but a sizeable chunk is now just sitting there. Wasting away. Sorry - I meant generating a solid £0.01 per month.

Recently, I've taken the plunge into the Freelance world, so I'm especially struggling with this idea of a safety net, but I have to seize opportunity around me.

I'm looking into investments, shares, stocks, and flipping items. I want to get my money to work for me.

As always, advice welcome.