Published on Nov 22, 2020

Eating your own dogfood refers to a practice of using your own products. It's the best way to haun insight on how good the product is and how could you improve it.

In consulting business this is rarely possible. Most of the projects, especially when working on b2b sector are quite far from the regular day to day services anybody would be using. Unless you happen to be in the industry. So you just need to trust your customers and their insight of their users' preferences.

It's a stark contrast to when you have a chance to work truly on a product you are also in a target group. Even better when you get to develop something primarily just for yourself. You get to solve your own problem and perhaps there are others with the same need.

There is no point of waiting to start using my own product. It's the best way to test it. I know what it is expected to do and what it is capable of. I can directly affect how my own needs are answered and how.

Despite there still being a lot of missing from the Writestreak, as of today I will start writing all my daily posts on it. And when I'm certain enough of it's stability I can stop cross posting both to my old platform and to Cowriters.