Does it serve me?

Published on Jul 25, 2020

Last week, I had a session with my leadership coach where I shared my challenge to keep up and produce and publish podcasts on a weekly basis. 

She asked me: Does it serve you to publish a podcast on a weekly basis?

I didn't have an answer right away and kept thinking about this question. 

So far, I've only been thinking about what's the best way to do it for the listeners. And everywhere I read that a weekly frequency is the best. I've never asked myself: What's a good rhythm for me? 

I just tried to fit all the work in and made it work so I could publish on a weekly basis. However, I felt stressed. And I used all my focus and energy for the podcast production and couldn't do anything else, not even promote my podcast. Or meet people for coffee. Which is fine for a while. But it's not a sustainable long-term solution for me.

One of the entrepreneurs told me in a mastermind session at our co-working space: 

"You can make the rules. That's the advantage of having your own business."

I fully agree. But I needed this reminder. Often we just do it one way without questioning whether the way serves us and our needs. 

Now that I have more experiences and learnings I can change the rules. 

Going forward, I want to question the rules I adopt, listen to what suits me and make my own rules.