Diving into VR - Day 7

Published on Aug 26, 2020

Yesterday and the day before I was playing on the Oculus again. Although it is an expensive part of the gear, I don't play as often with it as I want to.

I got a bunch of games now (probably a few hundred bucks) but I am sticking to the same once over and over again (mostly Beat Saber).

Recently a Linkin Park addon came out for Beat Saber. As I like most of the song the pack had to offer, I quickly invested as it was also on sale.

Looking through the Beat Saber library, there still isn't much of different songs available. With the new Linking Park and the Green Day addon I bought a while back, I'm now at about two hours of different songs.

Obviously those two hours add to the base game, but I have to say I don't fully enjoy the three or four hours of "base soundtrack" the game offers. It is just to electronically for me. :)

Also, I really enjoy "The thrill to fight" recently. It is basically a boxing game.

When I play about one, or one and a half hour I am most of the time really exhausted afterwards. Since my gym membership will run out soon, it is good I find something to put my power in. :)