Digital nomad expenses

Published on Jan 17, 2019

I believe a common misconception with being a digital nomad is that you need a lot of money. Yes, flights and hotels can be expensive. However, just like having a home base, I think you can live cheaply, splurge, or live somewhere in between.

Andrew and I have been on the road for over a year now. We moved out of our apartment in San Francisco and started living out of Airbnbs. Out of curiosity, I wanted to break down our spend. Which category are we spending the most? Where can we cut down?

Money is always such a touchy topic but I hope the numbers we share are a helpful benchmark. I'll include some tips as well for those who are thinking about hitting the road.

First, some background

To be clear, being a digital nomad is quite different from traveling.

We are not:

  • Hitting up the top tourist attractions in every city
  • Bouncing from city to city every few days
  • Staying in fancy hotels or ryokans

We are:

  • Working a pretty standard work week either from co-working spaces or, more commonly, coffee shops
  • Exploring the city on weekends
  • Still living comfortably, usually away from the city center in more local areas

One important thing to note is that we are a couple. Being able to split accommodations saves us a significant amount of money.

Alright, numbers to come!