Did You Test It?

Published on Mar 27, 2019

When buying a car, a dealer will offer a potential customer to take a test drive. Building a website or mobile application the same mindset applies. Remember it is your business your brand and if the users of the world cannot have a great experience the odds of success are minimal.

Being an independent Digital Marketing Consultant with expertise in web analytics which involves data analysis it is one of the first questions that clients are asked. The reason is that the data will always tell a story. Too many clients say that business - website or mobile application performance is not meeting expectation and leadership never asks those what, why, and how questions.

The expertise in my practice is Google Analytics. A majority of the world uses it, and at a basic level, it is easy to implement. Because of vast experience from a technical side diagnosing problems and making recommendations now is part of my engagement with clients.

One international client that has been a repeat customer; in the beginning, their primary issue was business slow after a site redesign. The initial analysis proved that. What had caught my attention was that engagement metrics improved, but conversions (sales) were down. Taking a look at the site and user experience the site pages were loading so slow that the browsers were timing out. It was tested by me multiple times on multiple browsers. Talking to the client and showing the videos of my testing he said the developer was claiming it was me and my computer. The client did some testing on their end. Needless to say, that developer was replaced.

Today I had an interesting conversation with a client who wants an in-depth analysis and recommendations for his business. Looking at the website, the user experience, and his concerns, the question was, did you test the site to ensure the user experience working correctly? The answer was no.

The response to him was you can have the best SEO in place, but if the user experience is not working, the business will never grow to meet your expectations. The lesson here ask yourself did you test it?