Devices in shape

Published on Oct 13, 2020

As part of my productivity habits, I often take time out to clean things up on my devices. Closing open apps, cleaning out my email inbox, or keeping my desktop clean are just a few of the maintenance habits I do regularly. 

With computers and mobile devices getting a lot more memory and power, there appears to be no limit to the number of apps, browser tabs or windows you can have open on your computer or device at the same time. 

It doesn't matter how many apps or browser tabs you have open, at some point in time, it can become a little overwhelming. My browser tab limit is around five tabs. Any more than that, then I am just getting confused as to what is on each of the tabs. It is just too much information to process.

I am often surprised at how many apps I have open on my iPhone or iPad at any one time. Though these devices can easily manage a lot of open apps, I can't help myself and close all apps on my iPhone or iPad on a regular basis. I also delete apps that I don't' use regularly.

I am convinced that I don't have a compulsive disorder, but, taking the time out to keep my devices in shape, helps to keep me calm.