Decluttering might be my new hobby

Published on Feb 5, 2019

Am I normal? I love cleaning, tidying up and decluttering. Today, I had a blast cleaning out several cupboards in my old childhood bedroom. It made me so happy, it almost felt weird to me. 

I opened the doors, saw a huge mess and wanted to dig right in. I followed Marie Kondo's principles: Ask yourself "Does it spark joy?". If yes, keep it. If no, thank it and give or throw it away. Not that difficult at all. 

Somehow, it didn't make me sad to say goodbye to so many of the things. They've had their place in my life once, and I've moved on. I won't miss the drawings from when I was four years old (no Picasso), my collection of Pokemon cards, and my pencil box from first grade. 

I love to see the empty space in my room, and I'm not planning to fill it up with new stuff. I got a new rule: When I buy something new, I have to say goodbye to something old that I don't use anymore, and that doesn't "spark joy". 

Which part of your home could use a declutter day? You can start with a single drawer.