Dear Anxiety

Published on Oct 4, 2020

I know you're out there. I heard you ring the door bell.

I just decided to ignore you. 

I'd rather put Netflix on and distract myself. Or better yet, pop a pill that makes me not care whether you're there. 

But you keep on ringing. The thought of letting you in makes me tense up, breathe rapidly and I'm getting angry.

Why are you here anyway? I didn't invite you. You're an unpleasant, unwanted guest. Go away!

You keep on ringing. You're persistent. The more I try to ignore you the louder you become.

Finally, I muster up all my courage, get up and open the door to face you.

What I see is not what I expected. 

You're not a monster. You're a scared, lonely child. 

I wanna embrace you, protect you, tell you it's OK to be scared. 

I notice how my tension melts away and I can take a deep breath.

You open my heart, catapult me to the now and make me see what matters.

I feel calm and safe. 

Thanks for showing up and bringing me home. <3 

From now on, I wanna welcome you and accept the gift you bring: reminding me of home.