Day 648 at Makerlog

Published on Aug 22, 2020

I finished reading the book "Everybody Writes" for @sipreads, it's time to summarize and publish the result on Monday.  I wrote a post about why I worked on reaching a one second page speed for cowriters' new homepage.

I spent the rest of the day redesigning the way posts are loaded on the homepage for optimal performance, using asynchronous requests on page load from within React components.  

In the evening, I switched Cowriters' new domain name to the web provider's DNS servers. Time to test.

  • Tasks completed: 4
  • Satisfaction: Good. Happy I managed to finish the book so that I can get the summary out of the way to focus on Cowriters new launch on September 10.
  • IMP: Spent too much time coding lazy hydration, turned out to be a negligible improvement for now

August 21 was day 648 of my Makerlog streak.