Published on Nov 8, 2020

I have spent a good part of my day putting together a personal dashboard of stuff. I am no programmer, so I have relied on some dashboard tools and a few automated flows to achieve the outcome. 

Now a dashboard is always going to include some standard stuff, like my calendar, the weather, news feed, and a countdown of days to Christmas. But, using some integrations and flows automations, I have been able to display my home automation data onto my dashboard. For example, I can show the status and dim level of my lights, the latest song playing on my Sonos speakers, and the temperature of rooms in the house, among other things. 

The dashboard solution is ready only, so not interactive. This means I can see the status of my lights, but I can't turn them on or off from the dashboard. This, for me, is a limitation, as a good dashboard should allow you to interact with it. 

I will keep working on my current dashboard project, even if it is not interactive. I like the idea that information is readily at hand. My quest will continue until I find the holy grail of dashboards that does all the interactive things I would like it to do.