Cutting It Fine Tonight

Published on Jul 9, 2019

I really, really, really wanted to just give up and not write today. I've been working a ton, staring into the black hole of my code editor for hours and hours. It would be so easy to just call it a day/night and be done with it. But like I posted recently, there is this feeling that I get from 200 Words a Day that just eats away at me until the post is done.

It's actually kind of annoying because right now the last thing I want  to do is slave away in front of the computer, again!

I sould have planned ahead today but just got so wrapped up in work. Blah, I don't have anything else to write. I just want to  wrap up the day, have a shower, do some yoga, relax, read my book and then head to bed.

I'm off to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National park tomorrow for a day of hiking. That will be a nice recharge. It should be fun. We plan to check out some of the beautiful lakes in the area.

Anyway I'm literally writing random words to count down to 200 words. Not my proudest moment, but I wanna get outta here!