Credit Card Free Society

Published on Feb 14, 2019


"In America, you use credit card, but in most places in the world, you turn to family and friends during hard times."

It was an interesting comment from a friend.
It wasn't just about access to money but access to people you trust - particularly during times of happiness and need.

Back home, Ethiopia, people have access to almost an entire village. But here in US, reaching out to people for something you could easily take care of by credit card is not commonly done.

The issue starts when this level of self-reliance and independence creates a detachment away from people. When a majority of the 24 hours is mostly transaction. When it leads to loneliness.

I heard a report today that stated
"Loneliness affects a person's health as much as cigarette smoking does." 

That was disturbing to hear.

Many people have successfully avoided cigarettes. But how many of us are actively working on reducing loneliness? 

This is a particularly serious problem for the elderly. Even more so for immigrant elderly. Those that came from community based cultures. It is a sudden and difficult change.

What is the antidote to this problem?
Credit Card Free Society isn't an option.