Creating Your Future

Published on Mar 26, 2019

It used to be that you went to college got a good education then went out into the working world. Granted that was life before the internet. No one could have predicted that technology would disrupt everything. Honestly with the ability to learn just about anything the ability to create your future now is in your hands.

Spending the majority of my professional life the corporate world can be cruel. Surviving corporate mergers and acquisitions, watching companies put themselves out of business, and poor decisions by leaders that cost me my job, it will take a financial, emotional, and physical toll on a person's soul.

For myself, it is now about pursuing happiness and not the brass ring. It is about creating a future that I want and living life on my terms. Years ago I had built an eBay business more as a hobby, but it has evolved. While working in the travel industry, I became a Digital Marketing Analyst. When the job ended taking that knowledge, I started to freelance in the Digital Marketing space. What as an eBay business evolved into a Digital Marketing practice. I looked at as a bridge to my next full-time position.

After working in the media industry, it was an easy decision to go all in with the practice. It is now about creating my future. Now I am taking online courses to learn new skills to offer more services. It is about seeing new opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective and mapping out the steps to develop new services that clients need.

Lastly, if that corporate opportunity does arise does it align with everything I want to do. Additionally, can I be happy working for the organization and the people. It is a nice feeling when they contact you about opportunities. The reason is that what you have created has got their attention. The worst feeling in the world is sitting on cubicle island, and you are not part of anything.